About "Scratch Bank"- Scratch Tools...

I was happy to find a “Scratch Bank” (Scratch Tools ) in this wonderful program. I use the iOS Version a lot and would like to know if there is a way for us to browse our personal scratch files.

Hey @Fernando_Midi,

You can add your own scratch tools as audio files to the djay library. You can even create a new folder/playlists with all your scratching tools. That way you’ll be able to browse all your scratch files.

But that way it will load into the Deck “instantly” like Scratch Tools is?

Hey Fernando,

Do you mean like DJ Qbert Skratch Tools appear?

That is a built-in function in the app and can’t be changed. If you’re trying to use another scratching tool, you’ll need to have it in the library like any other audio file.

Cheers, G

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