About updates....

using pro on iPad.

Are updates automatic?
How can I find out what version I’m using?
How do I get notified about updates?
Is content / help / demos about new features provided?


Hi @N_C,

On iOS you can enable or disable Automatic Updates in Settings>App Store>AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS.

You can find your current djay version in the djay Settings near the bottom.

You can enable Notifications in your iOS Settings>Notifications>djay

You can find feature demos on the Official Algoriddim YouTube channel:

I turn automatic updates off,
I prefer to make sure the update has bugs ironed out before downloading it, and then I update on my spare back up iPad and test it with that before updating to my main iPad

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Updates via App Store? Thats not user friendly. Expect me to ask the question again inb a months time.

“You can find feature demos on Youtube channel”


I don’t understand why you would not promote & educate on new features.

Hi @maurizio_T,

Actually I think you’re way of working is a good idea.
I cannot afford problems because of a bug in a new version during a live gig.

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I have been caught out before in the past so I now protect myself this way…

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