Access to Google Play Music Library

Djay on Android in principle allows playback of music files stored locally on the phone. However, most of my music is managed by Google Play and though it is stored locally on the phone Djay cannot access it for some reason. I guess, mainly because Google tries to hide it away…

It would still be great if Djay was able to index and play these files!

development on integrated streaming services is really slow

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When you play music from googles music service, like I have all my music upploaded there.

When you play online music, you can cache the music localy on the device.

I would like the player to support the google cached files, would be so much better then what it is now :smiley:

Or if you could get the possibility to add access to threw your program, even better !

Unfortunately, djay has no access to load and play Google Play Music songs. You can only use the songs that have been transferred via USB cable.

This is unfortunately not up to us. If there’s an API for djay to access these files in the future, of course we’ll add it.

Thanks for the quick reply. I realized that and find it to be a major drawback. Is there any chance that djay will at some point have access to these files or is google restricting that?

Still NOT possible, unfortunately.

then why does this app have it on ios?

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google music support is necessary and possible. a lot of people use it. this ios dj app has it

has this been resolved or is it still impossible to use google music on dj program?

Has this been fixed? I can’t seem to make it work. The app is awesome, but it sucks because I have all my music on Google play but cached locally on my SD card on m tablet. Please let me know if there is a solution or quick work around, if not ill just get a refund on application. It seems DJay2 is trying to sell a Spotify subscription. Am I wrong?