Accessing iTunes music stored in icloud

I’ve just purchased the djay2 to interface with the brand new pioneer wego3 DJ controller. It looks like you cannot access iTunes library which is stored in iCloud.

Is there a way around this other than downloading the library onto my iPad, which has limited storage space?

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately, djay has no access to the audio data unless you download the songs to your device first.

More like: Spotify offers a way for 3rd-party apps, such as djay, to “work” with the audio data. iCloud songs only offers a limited API, e.g. just to play back songs (which is not enough for djay).

Sorry, we have absolutely no information in this regard.

So am I right in saying that it can access Spotify because this is a public service, whereas Itunes storied in the iCloud is private?

Thanks Warren - any idea if there is plans on the horizon for icloud to allow 3rd party apps to work?