Accessing Music Files Using Djay App and Mixdeck Quad Not Always Working

Question for all you people using an iPad and a Mixdeck quad with all the latest updates?

When the iPad and the Quad are connected, is anyone having issues accessing there music file. It looks like the iPad and the Mixer are talking to each other, but when you use the Track Select Button to choose a track, nothing happens, also, the Cross Fader on the Mixer doesn’t move the Fader on the iPad either.

Been told by Algoriddium its not a problem with the App, its a Hardware problem. Algoriddium say they have “Filed a Bug Report” been speaking with Numark extensively, they can’t replicate the issue I have been having.

After a lot of turning both Mixer and App off, they finally start talking to each other. Have loads of gigs, worried that one day they won’t connect.

I think it might be either the IOS 8 update of the fact that Spotify can now be accssed as well as iTunes library. My issues started when we went to IOS 8 and Spotify went live