Accuracy of grid analysis?

Good day!

I’m playing a bit with automix and have the experience that the grid of different songs do sometimes not entirely align during a mix, in about 5% of mixes. E.g. with a high kick, the kicks of both songs appear at a slightly different moments. I’m using the morph setting.

What determines the start moment of the next track?

  • Primarily the calculated grid?
  • Primarily the placement of the que end and start points?
    I could edit the grid, but that results in endless tweaking when tracks are used in different sets.

It looks like that if the Bpm’s of both songs differ, alignment of the beats get worse.
The morphing during the transition maybe introduces timing differences?
Is it possible to set the tempo adjustment after the transition iso. during it?

Please advise.

Thanks and kind regards, Bart.


Good day!

I found out it is the tempo change during the transition that causes the issue.
Automix in sync mode solves it. And manually go to the original track Bpm by double-clicking the Bpm slider after the transition is completed. If the Bpm’s do not differ a lot, this is fine.

Or do I miss something?

Thanks, Bart.

I wish Algoriddim on IOS just used the Serato Grid and BPM information like it does for Hotcues.