Active deck stopping cold when switching from Automix to Classic mode. (Reloop Mixon 8)

Had a few weird things going on with my Reloop Mixon 8 and Djay Pro AI last night 

The song currently playing would stop when swapping between AutoMix and Classic mode.

Also had problems with the list of tracks cued up for autoMix disappearing when swapping between AutoMix and Classic mode.

Anyone had this happen?

@FunkenWagnalls I tested this with my iPad and Mixon 8 Pro and had no problems. Can you please provide some more information to help troubleshoot your issue?

  1. Are you able to repeat this issue on demand? If so can you record a short video of it happening?
  2. What iPad, iOS version and djay version are you using?
  3. Are you running the latest Reloop Mixon 8 Pro firmware?
  4. Are the songs stored on device, on and external drive or from a streaming service?
  5. What are your Automix transition settings?

@FunkenWagnalls I’m just following up to see if you’re still having this issue.

@FunkenWagnalls I’m just following up one more time to see if you’re still having this issue before I consider this solved and close this post. Thanks.

I replied to your previous email. Did you receive it?
Kind Regards,
Ian Wagner

Hi @FunkenWagnalls, are you saying that you submitted a support ticket via email? We have a different team for this forum and for support tickets submitted by email. So, if you’ve submitted a support email it doesn’t go to me. I just want to make sure someone is working with you on this issue with you.

@FunkenWagnalls I’m following up again to see if you’ve received a response from the support team
via email. Thanks.

Not since my last reply about a week ago
Kind Regards,
Ian Wagner

Hi @FunkenWagnalls,

Checking in to see if this issue is continuing to affect you in the latest version of djay, v5.1.2.

If you have not tried out the latest version, could you please do so and report your findings to us?

Hope to hear from you soon!