active loop skip trough track

i am coming from Traktor. many things got djay and Traktor in common. for example the Sound quality…
one small thing ( for me important) i miss in Djay, what Traktor has.
I push a knot. the Loop is in. I turn the Knob and can set the size of the loop. so far so good.
but in traktor I can push Shift and turn the knob - and can take the Loop in active mode, and skip inside the loop to another part of the Track…

honestly I use this feature so much in traktor… would be great to have it as well in djay…

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This should be possible, if you assign the corresponding controls with exactly this function in the Midi editor. I have also done so, and it works for me.

Hi Chris.
Can you tell me how this midi Funktion name is? Maybe I oversee something.
And did you for this a button or a rotary knob?


I hope I understood your request correctly, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by “skip inside the loop to another part of the track”.
For me it is a knob that normally reacts as you described, i.e. press to set the loop and turn to change the length. I have adjusted this a bit. Single press now executes the command “Reloop / Loop off”, press together with Shift “Loop on/off”.
Does this help?

If I understand @Alexanderexpander’s question correctly, he wants to move the active loop forward/backward without deactivating it.

Hi @Alexanderexpander,

I definitely see where you’re coming from regarding this feature request!

I’ll be sending this over to our dev team for continued review and make sure to update this thread as new information comes in.

by the way, I already found a Way. I advise to 2 buttons, "skip forward and skip backwards…so I can perfectly skip. perfect would be to have a rotary knob for…thnak you