Add 64 Count Loops

If I’m using a single dial to adjust loop duration and skip duration, skip duration goes up to 64 and loop duration only goes up to 32. This means they won’t be the same value if I go up to 64 in skip duration. Please add 64 count loop or remove 64 count skip duration.

I’ve asked for this many times before and in many different threads…….still no luck yet!
And it can’t be the hardest thing to implement either……
Anyway, don’t hold your breathe. :rage:

Like these forums are great but I wish we could see a roadmap of what changes are coming. It sucks that some pretty simple features get overlooked. It’s disappointing as a user that there are so many little pain-points that add up to a negative experience in an otherwise powerful software.

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Hi @miishmash,

Thanks for the post!

I will be sure to pass this along to our dev’s so they can further review this feature request.

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