Add a soft takeover to deck switching - Rane Twelve MK2

Device Model: MacBook Pro M1
Version of operating system: Sonoma 14.5
Version of djay: 5.1.7
Hardware/controllers used: Rane Twelve Mk2

I have one Rane Twelve. I have a song playing on Deck 1, the platter is spinning and I swap the Rane to any other deck but do not start the platter spinning for that deck. When I swap back to Deck 1, the song pitch is affected while the platter automatically spins up again for that deck. So the song briefly slows down and speeds up with the platter.

If the platter is already spinning before I switch back to deck 1 then all is good.

Is it possible to add a soft takeover to deck switching so that it only takes over when the platter has reached full speed?

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Apologies. Details added above

No problem @dex. Thanks for the details. I have changed this to a suggestion topic and forwarded this to the engineering team for consideration.

Hi again @dex. I spoke with the engineering team. This will be addressed in an upcoming djay update. Likely 5.2. Thanks!

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