Add ability to open audio file by command line (eg Terminal app)

Neural Mix Pro mac app is unable to open audio file from terminal, giving error
"The document “audio.mp3” could not be opened. Neural Mix Pro cannot open files in “MP3 audio format”,
but can open same file through dragAndDrop or File-Open menu.

The following command in terminal give open-file error (assuming that the file paths are valid)

open -a “/Applications/Neural Mix” “/storage/myaudio.mp3”

The above should work just like mac native app that support file open.

It is very useful to support opening file through command line , as this allow good integration with Apple Music app using Keyboard Maestro , for example.

Hi @macdevign,

Thanks for asking about this.

In the latest update (Neural Mix Pro 1.1) you can do so. Simply type in Terminal:

open -a "/Applications/Neural Mix" "<audio-file>" 

I hope I could help.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Guillermo,
Yes, I have tried it in 1.1 and this has been fixed.