Add all Djay 2 Functionality to Djay Pro for iPad

I love using Djay Pro for IPad since it is overall more robust than Djay 2. However, there are certain Djay 2 features that should be migrated over to Dajy Pro to maximize use on the iPad:

  1. Eject, Load Next, and Double functions in track load - not available in Djay Pro
  2. Scratch Tools in track load - not available in Djay Pro
  3. Cue Loop (loop hold) - once a loop is set in Djay 2, you can jump to any cue point and that loop length also jumps to that cue.
  4. Pitch slider adjust - In Djay 2, you can adjust the pitch slider by swiping anywhere in the pitch slider area. In Djay Pro, you have to move the actual slider “button”. Not a big deal if you are using a controller, but ability to have a wider swipe area is critical for iPad use. NOTE: having this functionality for all sliders would be nice too.
  5. Two finger scratch: In Dajy 2, placing two fingers on the opposite deck area activates a cross fader cut mode. Not available in Djay Pro. NOTE: it would be good if this cut mode aligned to the BPM root of the active deck.
  6. Album artwork and turntable view - not available in Djay Pro

I hope these can be added very soon.

Thanks for building a great product!!!

Point 3 refers to the iPad in standalone (without controller). In that mode, if you set a loop anywhere, then jump to a cue point, that loop length will move to that cue point. Not the case for Djay Pro. I also have a Beatpad 2 and neither SW version performs like this when the iPad is connected to the controller - I wish they did.

On a related note, there are clear advantages to using Djay 2 with the Reloop controller since the Beatpad 2 appears to be “made” for that SW version. Things like easy access to more crossfader curves and clearer view of FX being used are better in Djay 2 with Beatpad 2 (probably more). I do use Djay Pro for IPad primarily because of the beat grid flexibility, ability to trigger automix when I need it, and ability to see all 8 cues in the wave window. But I do miss the Djay 2 items discussed here and above.

I hope Algoriddim can clean up some of these inconsistencies between versions

Could you explain more point 3 re: looping. Mind you I have a Beatpad 2. The behaviour might be different when using that device.