Add All Songs to Queue

How do a add an entire Spotify playlist to the queue? Adding each song individually would be tedious and take forever.

Also, what is the little music note icon in the tiny circle between the BPM slider and the turntable?

Also, what is the little music note icon in the tiny circle between the BPM slider and the turntable?

Hi Bob,

Adding an entire playlist to the Queue is currently not supported.

Developing djay for Android has been a great step for us and we’ve learned a lot during the process. Rest assured that this is just the beginning and that djay for Android will continue to grow along with all our other apps.

Oh sorry I missed that. It’s the key-lock button. With this feature, you can change the playback speed of the song without altering the pitch.

Any update on this? its been 9 months

Thanks Warren. I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the discussion. Currently I see no way of loading an album to the queue (which forces me to load an album one song at a time), nor can I add a song to the queue by swiping it to the right like on the iPad version.

Other than that I’m very excited to see this awesome app on android, so thank you very much!

Android music players are generally pretty questionable in terms of well thought out interface design, that’s why I was so excited to see djay2 for android. I mainly use the app on my iPad as a music player, because the browsing library is better than anything Apple has to offer in their music player. I’d love to use djay2 for android in the same way, so I can abandon using poweramp or Google play music. Just thought algoriddim may find it useful to know customer use cases.


Hi Dave Dat, 

we are still expanding the features of our Android version of djay 2.
Be assured that we know about the user demand of this feature.

Still I am sorry to tell you that the “Add all to Queue” function is not supported by now.

Is your Automix in general not working?

Lukas E.

Any update on this issue? This automix doesn’t work for me.

The auto-mix works but it randomly pull songs from any genre. It would be ideal if we can pick a playlist or a folder for the automix to use. This feature is available on iOS devices.
I bought this app on android after knowing that the auto-mix works using playlist on the iPad. I think you guys need to invest and get this done. Two years is way too long.

Save your breath, no one from the company has ever responded to this thread. I’ve stopped using the program on Android because of this issue.

Swipe right to add to queue sounds nice, I envisioned at least a long-press would open menu.

Adding a menu item for “add this play list to queue, in play list order” would be wonderful and I don’t see how that would be difficult to do since they already have the play list support and menus on song items.

Of course it would open for considerations like “what happens if the list is changed after it was added” but I suppose there’s no reason to make things that complicated: just keep the queue as it was.

So, Algoriddim, when can we see this feature? If it was an open source project we would have implemented it for you by now. How can we help you help us?

Still waiting

I paid for the android version for my samsung tablet…I can see my playlists but can’t use them with automix, which makes the app completely useless for me. That simple feature has been available for years on the free ios version. And android users wonder why so many people like iPads and iPhones!

Thanks for letting me know! Can you recommend another app that will automix with playlists?

Also still waiting

… and waiting, five years later… Incredible.