Add Confirmation when using "Command+Q" to prevent accidental app quit

  • Device model: MacBook pro M1
  • Version of operating system: 14.4.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.6
  • Hardware/controllers used: NA

When preparing tracks, I sometimes use the keyboard. The short-cut for setting the start Cue point is //<option//>Q, that is very near to //<command//>Q. If you press the latter and nothing significant is going on in Djay, like a running deck, it just stops without warning. Meh. :disguised_face:

Can this be fixed?

Hi @Brainbox, please note this is expected behaviour and not a crash. “Command+Q” on macOS is the shortcut for Quit Application.

At least I would expect a confirmation dialogue. Is that possible?

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This is a macOS shortcut key not a djay shortcut key. Have you tested it with other macOS apps to see if you get a confirmation dialog window?

No confirmation dialogue in other app’s, but I don’t use these for DJ’ing either.
(sorry, couldn’t resist the bad joke :slight_smile: )
If not fixable (SIGTERM?) it is ok, but it would be nice if a small mistake did not stop an app that needs continuity. Especially because a lot of settings, like cross fader routing and other relevant things, have to be re-applied each time because they are not saved and re-stored.

I have passed this onto the dev team to see if it’s possible to add a confirmation window. Please do not call this a crash. It is not a crash. It is expected macOS behaviour. Anyway, I will report back when I have news. Thanks!

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Hi @Brainbox, can you please confirm what specific settings are not being preserved when quitting using Command+Q so the team can investigate further? It seems this has different results than closing the app in the normal way so it would be good to know more specifics. Thanks!

I also had another look at it. I think command-Q is the normal way to shut-down, the force quit would be the shutdown that cannot be ignored by the app. So this would mean that the quit through the menu and the command-Q are the same. But also based on my ancient Linux / MacOs knowledge, so FWIW.

The command-Q can be avoided by remapping this shortcut to something else, like described here: keyboard - How to disable command-Q for Quit? - Ask Different
I just did this successfully, I could give a detailed description, just let me know.

I can easily mention what parameters I would like to see preserved, but is not a comprehensive list. It doesn’t make a difference if you use the shortcut or the menu quit IMO.

And also would like to mention that I do experience very very few crashes, I’m very satisfied about the stability. :slight_smile: It mainly the occasional command-Q user error that surprises.

In case of a quick restart, the restoring of these parameters would be helpful to quickly resume a set. Apart from that, I always use the queue that is preserved perfectly already, hence preserving the playlist that was active would be not needed.

  • sync settings of all decks
  • crossfader assignment of all decks
  • pre-cueing settings
  • cue/loop quantize settings of all decks

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for the additional info @Brainbox

Chrome and Microsoft Edge let you not quit directly on Cmd+Q, maybe djay could adopt a similar functionality?

The point is that it does but should not, because if you accidentally press it, e.g. setting start cue for deck 1 is very similar, you have a major oops-erlebnis.

@Slak_Jaw I did add elements to the list in the post above. Would it be a good idea to open a separate topic for settings that needs to be saved and restored after restart, so that it is better visible and more people are inclined to add their wishes?

Hi @Brainbox, yeah I think that’s a good idea.