Add custom visualizers.

After digging in Terminal it appears the “Visualizer Packs” are buried within the app. For good reason, you don’t want incorrect file and compression types that could cause the software to crash during playback. With that being said… using the same engine that allows local video files to run, could it be relatively feasible to allow users to add their own visualizer loops to the directory if they meet your requirements?

Hi @Joe_Miller,

Thank you for your post!

While you may not be able to add your visualizers directly into djay’s directory; you are in fact able to drag and drop clips into the visualizer windows.

However, the idea of having a separate tab or folder to easily access these clips is a great one and I will pass this along to our developers for future consideration!

We thank you for taking the time to write us and I will keep you posted with any updates as they come in!

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The response is much appreciated mate. Keep up the good work!

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