Add default option for Waveform Orientation

Hey team,
On Djay Pro 2019

1st I’d like to thank the team for the return of the CLASSIC view.
But with the lack of beat grid visible at all times on the iPhone and the disappearing pitch control when viewing both waveform and vinyl on the iPad, I am forced to use the 2 DECK mode.
Please allow the user to set default for Waveform Orientation view.
It is quite confusing.

Thank you David,
Yes, like that new pitch control on classic view.
I know that real estate is right.
Thanks for listening.

Allowing users to choose their own default for the waveform view…or through out the entire App for that matter would be best.
This idea could be a solution.

Separate the controls from the waveforms

Thanks for your feedback. Does the vertical wave view work for you after changing it? We set the horizontal one as default because it allows you to see more of the waveform and seems more popular among users. I can see your point of the vertical ones being easier to understand. Note that in the latest updates we also added tempo sliders to the Classic view, even when the waveforms are visible in the center.