Add external mixer mode to iOS

Thx ! I didn’t know for the resonance control on Mac. Very good news !

One other thing everybody’s waiting to be brought from the Mac version to iOS is the ability to set the audio interface in external routing mode. That will enable so much more hardware on the iOS version instantly.

Can you please also push this to the dev team ? Other iOS apps do that so I assume there is no platform related limitations.

Hi @jayneural,

We are aware of the high request to add external mixer mode to iOS. We kindly ask for your patience.

Thanks for your understanding.


:mega: Just letting you know that external mixer mode has been added in the latest version of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 3.6.4). This will allow for routing decks, sampler, or looper to the individual channels of hardware mixers.

Thanks for sharing your suggestion and for your patience! Happy mixing. :headphones:


How does one go about connecting an iPad to an external mixer? Can u connect any iPad to any sound card as long as you have a dongle or adapter or is there something more to it?

Hi ! Saw that ! That’s amazing ! Will try to map my DJM S11 as its class compliant.

Now you guess, we’re going to be begging for more deck players and DVS support :wink:

Thanks to Algoriddim teams for listening to the community. My good old Technics are now eagerly waiting for it :yum:

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Techno_Sam > If you are on lightning connector you need the Apple Camera Kit (preferably the USB 3 one which also provides power delivery).

If you are on usb-c a classic usb hub or a USB-B to usb-C cable will work.

Notice this only works with USB Audio/MIDI Class Compliant devices.

So forget Roland controllers, pre-2020 Pioneer mixers and part of Native Instruments controllers.

Thanks. Is there a list anywhere of soundcards that are confirmed to interface with djay pro for iPad? How does it work out usually if a soundcard requires a driver to interface with the host device? Or do they make soundcards specifically for connecting to iPads now? Sorry I’m a bit out of the loop

Anything Allen & Heath, Mixars, Denon, Reloop mixers. Pioneer DJM S7/S11, Rane seventy, seventy two, MP2014/2015 (not older Rane mixers).

Tascam, Soundcraft, Presonus, Zoom studio mixers.

Pioneer SX,Sx2,FLX6, SB, SB2, SB3, all Reloop, Denon, Numark controllers.

For standalone sound cards : anything Arturia, M-Audio, Zoom F/H lines, behringer, Native Instruments (not the old ones).

The trick is to look on the drivers page and documentation. If there is no driver needed in Mac or the settings have a generic sound driver mode, it’s class compliant.

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Damn i still have my NI audio 8.

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