Add full history syncing between iOS djay and OSX djay

It would make a HUGE difference if you implemented syncing of not just the cue points and other djay-specific metadata, but also the entire histories as well.

I absolutely LOVE the iPad version of djay 2, but am really frustrated that I can’t export or sync my histories back to djay for OSX.

djay for OSX, on the other hand, is far less desirable to use particularly as cueing appears to require the use of one of the tables for playback, which messes up automix. If there is another option - please let me know. Currently, I am forced to cue off my iPhone which I’m sure you’ll agree is not ideal. However, the fact that djay for OSX is able to export histories not only to PDF but, and this is EXTREMELY useful, to iTunes, is fantastic.

If you could find a way for the iPad djay 2 to sync/export to djay OSX then this would become the ULTIMATE djay ecosystem. It is also in your interests to do so as it would require users who want this feature to purchase BOTH the iPad/iPhone versions of djay 2 AND djay OSX.

I get asked all the time to provide my playlists after gigs, but using the iPad version there is no elegant way to do this short of screen shots.

PLEASE consider this for your next release. Since you already sync djay-related metatdata, you’ve already got the infrastructure in place for the two to talk to each other. Adding this one feature would make a HUGE difference.

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Pretty simple really, was playing on my iPad last night, got an idea this morning with just my phone with me, and I have no idea what songs I was playing last night.

At this time, djay for Mac doesn’t even have the same “History” feature as on djay 2 for iOS. Yes, they both have a History but they work differently. The History on the Mac is simple in comparison and does not even support mix sessions. This is why it doesn’t make any sense to sync History at the moment.

Mac Djay and IOS Djay 2 don’t even spend Xmas together. With only 19 people in this support forum for Mac version…it’s the hidden child that was the 1st but resented when the new baby arrived. Love Djay for Mac but learned long time ago that I had to open my comfort zone and learn other apps for the things I could do via iOS Djay and much more.

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djai Session hase to sync with iCloud.

I bought the product for my iPad, iPad Air and MacBook Air…
I’m very happy with it but…

I wonder if you are going to develop iCloud Sync for the Session…

I use it when traveling to select my songs by part of the event (the first part, the clubbing part, the smooth ending part) end I will be happy to avoid doing it manually on my Mac…

Along the same lines - if there was a way to edit individual histories on djay 2 for iPad, that’d be great. Currently, the only “edit” option available for histories is to either delete or rename the entire history. Sometimes there are tracks already sitting on the turntables when I hit “Start Automix” and they are included in the history even though they were not actually played.

I realize that I could set up the Automix queue, and start it, and once the first and second table are populated with the first two tracks of the AM queue, start a new history from there. But in the heat of the moment when dancers are waiting for music, I’m not always going to remember to do that. So the ability to edit the histories after-the-fact would be handy.

Of course, if you ultimately end up syncing histories via iCloud to djay OSX, then I can just edit the histories in iTunes after they’ve been exported.

Can someone from Algoriddim indicate what the current development plans are for implementing a full iCloud sync?



Using a tool called DiskAid, I was able to view the hidden folder under the djay 2.0 app on my iPad. The playlists are all stored as .plist files with one of them being the index.plist file. The latter is the master index of all the histories stored on the device.

Great. So now I have SOME way to access my playlist histories off of my iPad. However, given how simple this setup is, I can’t understand why you guys wouldn’t store this information on iCloud instead of a hidden folder so that versions of djay under the same Apple ID can sync not just cue points, but entire play histories. It would be SO EASY to do this. You guys already know how to access iCloud - this is proven by the shared cue points. How hard can it possibly be to use iCloud instead of the hidden folder to store a common index.plist and associated playlist history .plist files? At the VERY least this would sync between iOS versions of djay 2.0.

It appears that no further effort is being put into djay for OSX, which in all ways EXCEPT the ability to export play histories to iTunes is inferior to djay 2.0 for iOS. This is unfortunate, but would not be a big deal if at least one more addition was made - sync it too with the iOS djay 2.0 histories so that no matter what device you choose to use - all of your histories are there and available.

Without this feature, I am forced to write a script to take the .plist files imported from my iOS devices and create corresponding playlists in iTunes on OSX. That’s how badly I want this feature.

I constantly get asked by both guests and the events that hire me as a DJ to post my playlists, but right now I am frustratingly limited to taking screen shots on my iPad (which looks totally unprofessional) or go through the grueling tedium of manually typing the playlists up.

I note that your competitor Traktor now provides this convenient feature.

Clearly, djay for OSX does not use the .plist files for storing histories as I could not find any such files, so it may not be as easy to import histories from iCloud to djay OSX. However, even if you provided a separate utility to pull the day 2.0 iOS playlists off iCloud (assuming you move them there) and directly export them to a playlist folder of the user’s choosing in iTunes, that would be tremendously helpful. djay OSX could then easily import those playlists from iTunes.

Is that a solution that you can implement?



Well, it makes a lot of sense if the key thing you want to get is the play history. That’s something all versions have in common. Mix session syncing is not at all important to me.

Why not at the very least store the play histories on iCloud so that if I do a gig on my iPad, the play history for that gig will be available on my Macbook Air and therefore exportable to iTunes.

As a start - and this has GOT to be dirt easy - at least store the .plist files on iCloud instead of the local iOS device so that, say, djay for iPhone can access the history for the set I played the previous night on djay for iPad. That’s a bare-minimum.

Right now, I need to take screen shots on my iPad to send people my playlists. That’s really bad. How hard can it be to save iTunes importable playlists alongside the history files on iCloud?

Don’t see why this feature isn’t implemented yet.
I’m my case, with a new iPad Air 2, can ́t have my history sessions on the ‘old’ iPad Air. And no way to export that. Bummer…

@Greg can you give some tips how you do it with DiskAid ?