Add harmonic match, samples and more fx to the iPad version

Add bottom for samples (create and edit)
More FX
And add Harmonic match all in the iPad version

Harmonic analysis during track load would slow the load time down for a track, so if it were to be added it should be an optional switch.

My preference would be to display the comments metadata (maybe only the first handful of characters stored). This is where MixedInKey can store the harmonic detail for tracks and is visible via iTunes.

key analysis is now in djay 2…but only if you’re on the latest iPhone (and probably the next generation of iPads) due to processing requirement.

I’d still appreciate display of the comments field for any tracks analysed by MixedInKey…although I now use playlists to group tracks by key, allowing me to sort by BPM in djay…nice workaround.

I totally agree with Harmonic Match, but to add onto that, there should be key analysis just like there’s already the BPM analysis so then you could find songs that are already recorded in the same key. Also if the song key is saved just like the BPM is so you can search by key in the library.

If any of that made sense…

there is no “key” column in the library…& I don’t see the Harmonic Match in the iPad version…well i hope they will work on that in a future version ;(

key analysis would be cool.