Add Meaningful Support for Rane Seventy-Two (72) MKII

The Rane 72 is poorly-supported, despite being one of the most popular mixers around.

  1. We do not get waveforms, though Virtual DJ and Serato do.
  2. We do not get track browsing on the screen.
  3. We do not get DJay Pro effects.
  4. Pad modes only work while holding SHIFT, effectively limiting us to 5 awkward modes.

Every time a thread starts about the 72, it seems to get closed and people can’t vote. Let us vote! This is a very popular, class-compliant mixer, and I’d like to see it supported at least as well as the Rane Seventy. I’d love to see the screen working, this could surely convince a lot of Serato users to take Algoriddim more seriously.

Hi @brigleb,

Thanks for your continued interest in the RANE 72.

  1. I did a quick search and reopened some of the closed related topics.
  2. Please note that these are automatically closed by the Discourse system after a certain amount of inactivity.
  3. I can easily reopen any closed topics - just send me a DM and links to any topics you think should be reopened.
  4. Also, I have gone ahead and shared your suggestions above with the dev team for consideration. Thanks again for sharing!

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