Add New Sample Packs and key match for samples/loops

Hello Community,

It has been quite sometime since new Sample and Looper Packs have been added to DJay Pro for iOS. Please add more.
I would love to see an integration with Loopcloud or Splice in addition to what is already available with Loopmasters. For example, I can log in with Beatsource and Tidal to access my library. I currently have a subscription to Loopcloud and Arcade by Output. It would be phenomenal to log in to any of those services and access my samples/loops from there to integrate with Neural Mix.
Lastly, I would like to see the samples/loops with key match the same way a normal song contains. That would really open up remix capabilities where a Neural Mix acapella could be key matched to a sample on the fly.

Just my two cents,
DJ Supe

The Option for key matching loops and time syncing loops would be awesome


This. Tempo syncing samples and key matching loops would definitely be a killer feature and I’ve wanted to do it for some time. Especially tempo syncing samples. Use case: loading up a cool riser from Splice (also a great recc to be able to sign in to Splice and pull in those sounds directly) and putting it into a song that is playing. I currently need to be in 4-deck mode to do this so I can sync up the tempo, but having it among the samples on the deck would be awesome!

Would be great to get the sync function on the samples or even better we could scratch on them

Hi @Deejay_Supe,

Thanks for all these awesome suggestions!

I will be breaking this thread up into smaller individual threads so that we can keep better track of these requests and so that the community can also vote on these suggestions as well.

Looking forward to your next great feature request. Have a great day!