Add one time pricing option for djay Pro AI

So why not stay on the mature Djay 2 version?

in what way? i.e. do you want me to understand that you prefer to continue paying for nothing (why don’t you tell me that every month there is a new feature that justifies the 7€) rather than paying “one-off” per version? (I’m reminded of Cubase, which charges every Major Release, but not every single update of the same release?)

The thing is, my version has gotten way better over the last couple of years (e.g. Neural mixing). OTOH I also see new features that I personally couldn’t care less about.

So I’m not saying the monthly fee is or isn’t justified, and especially for occasional DJs it might be hard to swallow, but software development of these type of apps is a continuous thing. Subscription actually makes sense. I’m not sure what the current pricing is (older user here) but I understand 7 bucks a month for bug fixes is irritating.

I just can’t stand subscriptions at all. I paid Adobe $1200 for Creative Suite and they then announced Creative Cloud as a subscription service. I paid for a few years and ended up paying more than the $1200 I initially paid for the Suite. I tried to open newly created Creative Cloud files with a version just a year prior, and it wouldn’t open. The NEW versions were nothing but buggy with a couple of new features that I could recreate by myself. This really made me angry and I dropped Creative Cloud and went to DaVinci Resolve Studio for $295 and haven’t looked back. Serato Lite does suck, and so does Rekordbox Hardware Unlock (free) when compared to DJay Pro Ai, but at least Serato offers a perpetual license for Pro for $249. If Algoriddim would give me the option to pay $249 up to $300 for a DJay Pro AI perpetual license, I would jump at the chance. I already have the controllers I want, so I would not need to have the latest update for new controllers coming out, just a bug fix if needed. If someone else wants subscriptions, they should be able to do it, but I should have the option of SET AND FORGET with a perpetual license.

( Sorry in advance but this is a bit long )

I’m on the fence with this one.

As a consumer, the notion that you basically have to pay for something…forever…is ridiculous. Microsoft Office? They’re nuts and I will…NEVER…pay for their subscription model. On one of my laptops, I still use like office from 93 or so as the basics are all I need. I don’t need the latest innovations to keep my resume up to date…

On the other hand and as a Dev myself, I understand the notion of the monthly revenue model, as new options require revenue to continually offer those new innovations.

I tend to steer towards software that has an “Upgrade as you need to” model: A good example is a piece of software I bought in 2020 for $19.99, passing on the 2021 and 2022 upgrades…those upgrades aren’t worth it…but upgrading in 2023 by say $9.99 as I felt thaaaaaaaaaaaat new option is something I feel is warranted.

That keeps it honest to me: If the company doesn’t continue to upgrade its services, then I shouldn’t be locked in to a frequent cycle. Often, software renewal rates of $4.99, $9.99 monthly don’t show a lot of changes and its like…so what do I get of that? They often quote “bug fixes and other minor details.” Nah man…you took holiday that month, ( lol ) I know it and it drives me apesh*t.

No I do NOT want to be locked into an upgrade when there is often little to show for it.

However there ARE services that are VERY transparent and DO push changes pretty often that are meaningful and THOSE I’m not really against. There’s a camera software I use that pushes changes every 60 days or so for $4.99 and its totally worth it to me as I stream on YouTube and Twitch and their devs seem to as well. They listen to their users as the changes they publish are usually in lockstep with their users requests. THAT is worth it to me.

There is also the notion that the software I have works perfectly fine and sometimes the upgrade is worse than the version you “had” or removes a feature that the company feels is not widely used…but was critical to YOU. A security patch that doesn’t effect the items core functionality…ok fine…but beyond that? Nah man…I’m good the way I am and I don’t want to risk playing live and the new upgrade crashes in the middle of a performance or is incompatible w that ONE piece of gear that you are dependent on which DOES happen. You hear about “that new MacOS version crashed on me when I was live in front of 300 people” which has DEF happened and we all know it…

Its extremely frustrating at times…but a subscription model to me really boils down to how good the software is in the first place and if constant upgrades are really necessary.

DJ software? A cup of coffee every month, I’m not really mad at. But the software across the industry as a whole is mature so past $4.99 a month to me is overkill.

To compare that, Microsoft Office? ABSOLUTELY NOT for 90% of people.

Generative AI? Its in its infancy now so I can see things like Adobe Firefly or MidJourney being $9.99/month for a while as constant innovations in this space are happening…but a time will come when its like Office: It will be mature enough and ubiquitous w/ free competitive services ( excel vs google sheets anyone? ) that a one time price tag will be enough…

( end of rant but I was making an attempt to look at both sides of the issue )

I know what you mean, but he comparison with Microsoft 365 is lame. Microsoft may not have intended this as a priority, but those who subscribe to it do so primarily because of the inexpensive cloud storage that comes with it. The software like Word or Excel is only a byproduct for many, which is often not used at all.

I like this software. Not a big name but does wonder. Besides the Reloop Buddy which gives Neual Mix can we have more pro licence tied to future hardware. In this case just buy supportted hardware and pay a one time for the specialised pro features. Im for one time payment too. Small updates will not be charged but a major reiteration should provide motivaiton to upgrade or buy the latest. No subscriptions please.

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I don’t really mind subscription as long as they keep rolling out major releases at least once a year.

That said, they’re behind schedule (as 4.0 has been over a year now), probably working hard on Win and being sidetracked by the Vision Pro demo.

Hopefully 5.0 will be released hot on the heels of iOS 17.


Given that the fist version of djay was released in 2006, more than 17 years ago, I’m not sure there will be a 5.0 very soon. :sweat_smile: But I also hope for a big release soon :pray:


I’m also fine with subscription as long as there’s value provided via performance / stability improvements and new functionality. I think Algoriddim has been pouring resources into the recent Windows Pro AI version release (which is great) and the upcoming Apple Vision Pro AR ecosystem. Hopefully 5.0 with an improved STEMs algorithm and stability enhancements will be released this year.