Add one time pricing option for djay Pro AI

So why not stay on the mature Djay 2 version?

in what way? i.e. do you want me to understand that you prefer to continue paying for nothing (why don’t you tell me that every month there is a new feature that justifies the 7€) rather than paying “one-off” per version? (I’m reminded of Cubase, which charges every Major Release, but not every single update of the same release?)

The thing is, my version has gotten way better over the last couple of years (e.g. Neural mixing). OTOH I also see new features that I personally couldn’t care less about.

So I’m not saying the monthly fee is or isn’t justified, and especially for occasional DJs it might be hard to swallow, but software development of these type of apps is a continuous thing. Subscription actually makes sense. I’m not sure what the current pricing is (older user here) but I understand 7 bucks a month for bug fixes is irritating.