Add one time pricing option for djay Pro AI

I understand everything, but why don’t you make a one-time payment to get DDjay 2? For example, you can do the Essential version at one price and the Pro at another, really enough with these monthly payments, you don’t have the feeling of having the program, it is disheartening, and at the moment I have not renewed the subscription anymore, and I think that many others like me have made the same choice


It’s the monthly payments that keep the devs employed, the support staff employed and the software updated etc etc.

By paying you are guaranteed to be able to update your software to the latest version.

Some other software manufacturers do allow a single ‘one off’ payment but if you look at the Ts&Cs you are buying that version and maybe a few minor point updates but you will then be required to pay full price if you then want the next major update version.

One off pricing is an option but it also gets messy by having different offerings in the App Store at varying pricing tiers.

So, they could potentially offer a buy once price for the essential bits but again, how much should this cost and for how long should the program be guaranteed to work?

It is also possible to pay a one-off annual fee instead of monthly payments, in the UK the annual price is not far off giving you five months free, this is the far better option.

6.99 x 12 = £83.88 per year compared to £48.99 once!

I would suggest a perpetual licence for the basics would be expensive as Algoriddim still have bills to pay and unlike a popular App Store misconception, nothing comes for free!

Look at another app Edjing in the App Store, vastly inferior to Djay and they have an £8 per WEEK (£416 per year) subscription charge……suddenly £7 per month (£4.08 if you pay annually) seems far more attractive!

Both Serato and Recordbox have varying pricing structures, all more than Djay, so it’s down to personal preference as to what you want, how you’ll use it and where your budget is.

For less than £1 a week I think Djay is a fantastic investment….

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Hi @Il_Mondo_di_Faxe,

Glad to see you posting in the community again!

I will be sending your suggestions to our dev team for further consideration.

Have a nice day!

I just wish that I could see the prices on the App Store

Really annoying.

What would you assume is shown when you click the arrow next to “in app purchases” when you scroll down on that page?

If you scroll further down the in-app purchase section shows pricing, not clearly granted but it’s there.

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I highly agree with you. I despise “renting” my software. I purchased Serato and Traktor, just like I purchased the original Djay Pro app. I will not”rent” or “lease” the DJay Pro AI just to get the added “pro” features. I want to own my software. Same reason I purchase all of my music as opposed to stream it. If you don’t pay the monthly fees, you’re basically left with nothing. Give us the option of owning outright. Last thing I need in my life is “another” subscription.

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Basically, I also find it better if you pay once and then can use the product permanently. But that’s more so that I don’t have to deal with it after the purchase, not so that I own the software. Because that, and perhaps you have to realize this, was and is never the case anyway. Even with a one-time purchase you do not buy and own the software, but you only acquire rights to use the software.

In fact, I too try to avoid apps with recurring payments. Most of the time, this is not a problem, because there are usually alternatives that serve the same purpose. This is different here, because I at least don’t know of any other DJ software with such features that you can use with the iPad. And I don’t want to go back to working with the laptop.

People generally have to get used to the fact that they have to pay to use software these days. I personally was quite pleased with the pricing and felt it was quite fair (simply a matter of perspective) I would much rather pay whatever we pay now vs. 2 or 3 times that for a 1off purchase and then have to pay maintenance or something to get updates. I will say it’s not unreasonable to give users the Version of software when they bought the subscription - but they get a years worth of upgrades during the year of the subscription, which they loose and revert back to a years earlier version if they don’t renew for the next year. Anyhow, this example of licensing is cool, because if a company or d vs do not do any development and feature work - there is no incentive for users to renew - but I’d the software is cranking out features and improvements, people are far far more likely to renew.
Just a n00bs .02

I don’t mind subscription based purchase, as long as the app is supporting new hardware and we are getting bug fixes with new improvements.

If a company would like to change that,
I don’t mind that either, but then in that case am I ready to pay 50-100€ to unlock support for new HW, that I just bought. Or it might be then one time fee like 50€ to unlock streaming integration to platform X.

In both versions there are pro’s and cons.

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Wait now… I just paid 26.99, is that an intro price only? Can’t see myself paying 50 a year for DJay to be honest…

Algoriddim, be careful that people are getting tired of not being heard
about the fact that we want to pay “one-off”, risks that soon few or no one
will renew the payment. For example, I never renewed it

So what do you all suggest would be a ‘fair’ price to pay for djay as a one-off purchase?

Currently the other contenders (based on current pricing from their websites) are;

Serato - £370 approx for the full suite or £12.38pm

Recordbox - £299 a year (not forever) for the full suite

VirtualDJ - £306 perpetual licence or £20 per month

We currently pay £48.99 a year for the djay full suite.

That’s the equivalent of;

7 and a half years of Serato

Or £250 per year cheaper than Recordbox

Or 6 and a quarter years of VirtualDJ.

All without the massive initial outlay.

For £0.94 a week you get all the functionality on offer for your platform (although if you’re not Apple centric you’re missing out), I’d hazard a guess that none of you will quibble at paying £3 at Costa for a coffee….that’s 3 weeks of Djay for the equivalent of one coffee!!

If you really believe that Djay is not good value at £48.99 a year / £0.94 per week and you’d rather shell out £300+ in one go that’s your decision to make, it also assumes that it ever happens.

If Algoriddim do ever offer a one off perpetual licence option, the cost will likely be a damn lot higher than you’re currently hoping for!

Anyway, I’ll sit back and wait for the :fire::fire::fire: to begin……



It’s not always about the amount you pay for it over years, but about the fact that no one is likely to like a subscription in general. A one-time payment is for many “a better feeling” - and I think that can be well understood.

@sooteee well said! I for one, am happy to pay the subscription, but would also welcome the option of a one-off purchase. I like having options. I’d consider paying $200-$250. Maybe even a bit more, but like I said, I’m happy with the current model.

The great thing about a monthly or annual subscription, is you can walk away at any time if you’re not happy with the performance and development. Think of this payment as your vote. Not happy with how things are going? Easy. Walk away and switch to subscription with another provider…

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What I feel is that we need to remember that

  • every new hardware integration needs to be done, it cost money
  • every new hardware integration needs to be tested, it cost money
  • every new hardware integration extends the testing time of the next release, it cost money

So first we have

if we calculate like for each release, we will test all hw integrations:

  • 1st hardware, 1 week implementation of new one , 5 person, 2 days of testing on each supported OS platform (iOS, macOS…)
    after adding next one
  • 2nd hardware, 1 week implementation of new one , 5 person, 4 days of testing on each supported OS platform
  • 3rd hardware, 1 week implementation of new , 5 person, 6 days of testing on each platform (iOS, macOS…)
  • 4th hardware, 1 week implementation of new , 5 person, 8 days of testing on each platform (iOS, macOS…)

And in worst case if iOS and macOS have changed “critically” i.e major release, you need to test each hardware that the integration haven’t been broken.
So 100 hw, if 1 day is needed for the tests for each HW, that’s 100 days of testing, and that’s costs good amount of money.

And if you need to cut down your expenses, you need to stop testing “old enough” hw and might need to consider to release an info that HWxxx isn’t supported anymore, or the product integration won’t be getting any new fixes after DD.MM.YYYY.

That’s all true, but it’s always better for the customer to be able to settle something like this with a one-time payment - buy and forget. And I don’t think anyone would seriously dispute that.
I remember times when such subscriptions were simply not allowed in the App Store. And still, money was earned with the apps back then. Ultimately, it’s primarily about more revenue for the providers. And that’s fine, we would all probably do the same. But to present this primarily as an advantage for the customer is a very positive view.

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My thoughts too. I’d think of it like a cooperative thing, whereby I don’t want to do dev work on Djay Pro AI but am quite happy to chip in £49 a year to someone else’s wages to maintain it, deal with bug reports, soft through feature requests, do MIDI mappings, … It’s really obvious just through usage that the software is well maintained and the money is going in to improving the software.


the real problem with subscriptions is that one sets up the work on DJay2, then the company doesn’t want to go any further, and besides having thrown away the money (with the false impression of being helping to make the app great), you have to also throw away the hardware investment you dedicated to DJay2, so WE WANT THE POSSIBILITY TO PAY ONCE!

your speech can be fine for a year, maybe two, like “start up”, but once the software is “mature” you have to give the choice of “one-time” purchase, otherwise you’re just a greedy person, and I don’t see time for someone to bring out the IPA or the APK with the “cure”, you deserve it by continuing to ignore us! as NI surrendered, so will you