Add option to manually edit beatgrids

There have been a few posts about this in the past for Djay 2 and Djay 4, but none for Djay Pro.

There needs to be a way to manually edit beatgrids. The auto-beatgrid works well, and the Set button often fixes any errors when they appear. But when the tempo analysis is off, there really isn’t any way to fix it; the BPM Tap feature is not precise at all.

I understand Algoriddim’s minimalist UI/UX design philosophy, but this is a basic feature that should not be left out of a product labeled as “Pro”. Serato and Rekordbox have developed a clean-looking, easy-to-use interface for manually editing beatgrids - there’s no reason Djay Pro can’t follow their lead.

ABSOLUTELY AGREE… It’s terrible that the beat grids are a beat off. How does that even happen?

Either fix the beatgrids or allow manual edit or allow RE-ANALYZE tracks.

Can this please be included in the next update? Having better manual control over beatgrids would make Djay Pro feel a lot more “Pro”. The auto-beatgrid algorithm is very good, but some songs just don’t fall neatly into a standard beatgrid structure, and it makes a lot more sense for us to just fix it manually than to treat it as a bug with the auto-beatgrid and have us send in poorly analyzed tracks to Algoriddim to help the developers tweak the code to help the software possibly handle those kind of tracks better in the future.

Been going crazy trying to figure out how to manually beat grid songs. Good to know it wasn’t me. Yes, please add this feature quickly!

You definitely have a point, Ryan. Thank you for taking the time to share this feedback!
We’ll have an eye on this!

That’s probably because Salsa is not EDM and the amount of time between beats varies quite a bit. It’s not “accurate” in the same way EDM is.

I agree. There are a number of songs that are off, and it would be great to be able to manually adjust these and have them saved. So when I SYNC I can then adjust the tempo and the crossfader at the same time. Otherwise when I sync, it relates to the 4th count every time. Quite often everything is out of whack, and the master tempo adjust option becomes fairly useless. Even if I had some information as to how to get around this would be phenomenal…

I have several newly made high quality 2015 beatport EDM tracks that must change tempo or go out of beat during the break. They come back in at exactly the same bpm as the beginning of the song but now the beat grid is off. I know how to manually adjust the beatgrid and I have lined it up with the first half of the song but now the second half of the track is out off beat. If I change the beatgrid to match the second half of the song then the first half is off beat.

Is there a way to match the first half of the song and then match the second half of the song and let the grid split the difference and average it out during the break? If this is not possible is it at least possible to beatgrid the first part of the song and then beatgrid the second part of the song after the break? Maybe I could just tell it where to make a distinct change and then back.

I would also like to see a way to manually adjust the Beat Grid. Djay 2 does a lousy job setting the grid with Salsa rhythms.

Do we have any progress on setting beat grids in Djay Pro? I just purchased this software & Reloop harware - looking to move away from the Traktor DJ iPad app, and I’m confused that after analyzing, many songs are not on the grid, and there’s no way to adjust them, making them unplayable. If this isn’t addressed, I cannot use this software & hardware.

Please let me know.

OK, I see now. There’s an edit button or a “pencil” on the bottom right of the rolling waveform that you can hit to “set grid start”. This works for adjusting the beatgrid. Nicely done