Add OSC control.

Hello, is it possible to add osc support? In order to be able to send the title of the song played as well as the time. This will open up a multitude of external synchronization possibilities to this fabulous software.

An interesting suggestion.
Could you share details of your intended use case? maybe we can help you work around the current lack of support

With the support of the osc we could:

  • make a super remote to djay again as I knew a few years ago (djay remote on iOS…)

  • with the video mode, for example, we could control the texts that are superimposed in DJAY in a dynamic way (display of the song in playback, message from social networks, lyrics of the songs…)

  • the strength of a software to be able to send a time base and information about the title of the song is a great asset. We could synchronize a light, laser, artifice show… very easily with just the addition of the OSC!

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I like the cut of your jib. looking to enhance the user experience with available tech is very progressive.


I’m unsure how many users would be interested in the same functionalities, so the devs would have an added workload burden to pull some of this off. As an example, some folks here have been looking for soundswitch support (control of lighting to sync music to lights) and I’m not sure thats made much progress or found more widespread support. system sync to to time firework displays to is in the same vein but a much higher level show.
as far as remote control, look around on these forums. There is a solution for you here, and if memory serves, opens the door to part of your suggestion. perhaps you’ll find a foundation to build upon and take your needs to the next level…and if you do, please bring your work back here to share!

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When you talk about remote control. Do you insinuate the MIDI protocol and Ableton link? Could you be more explicit, thank you in advance

Im expecting that midi messages over OSC will bring more functionalities to the remote device. And that @Slak_Jaw ‘s work to achieve iPad control of an instance of djay v4 running on a host machine is just a stepping stone to what you may be able to implement with your iPad and v5 of djay.

Did you also check out the link to element I sent/posted? That may be involved as well…
Someone else here may have more knowledge/understanding and better ideas.

And since we’re headed down this particular rabbit hole, for the people looking for SoundSwitch integration, perhaps we can get you folks looking into how OSC talks DMX to program your lights (I seem to recall there are ways for MIDI to be converted to DMX…)

Thanks for the suggestion @Bruno50! I’ve shared this with the dev team for consideration.

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