Add "Pickup Mode" to other controls (e.g. Crossfader) in Djay2

I have just tested both the dj2go & wego with stock versions of djay 1 and djay 2.

  1. The “pickup shadows” (as i call them) were implemented in djay 1 for the speed sliders only, and worked perfectly.

  2. The “pickup shadows” do not appear in Djay 2.

  3. Apart from fixing the problem above. The “pickup shadows” should be implemented on the Cross Fader, Channel/volume faders and then any other analogue controls that can become out of sync (or that the midi pickup command can be used with) .

People might not understand how important these are until they have used them. They allow you to see where a hardware control is in relation to the screen control without having to look at the controller.

Believe me. When use use a function that is good in Djay1 and then it disappears in an upgrade, its a little worrying.

Here is how it was in Djay1 :

Above you can see that the speed sliders on the controller are not in the same position as Djay, but the shadows show the actual positions of the controller and these can be moved to the actual positions of the Djay sliders without having to look at the controller.

You can also see the cross fader and volume faders are out of sync but without shadows you will have to look at the controller and screen to match them back up, so this would be a valuable addition.

Thanks for your feedback. I changed the subject of your post and also changed it to an “idea”.

Yes, this must be implemented if we are to use midi controllers properly. Please Algoriddim, fix this.

The speed slider issue has been fixed in update 2.0.2

Thank you

Please now take on-board the idea of adding shadows to other controls as above.