add Pioneer XDJ-RX new mixer

add Pioneer XDJ-RX and add new eq and fix bugs

Please can you sort this out - desperate to use Spotify with my controller.

Hi jack lidstone,

thank you for your post.
I forwarded your mapping and supplemental eq request internally.

Could you tell us in more detail to what bugs you are referring?

Thanks for that.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

after quiet some time, we are very happy to announce that

djay Pro for Mac 1.4.4 comes with full plug & play support for Pioneer XDJ-RX, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, and DDJ-SZ2 DJ controllers!

You are good to go after updating djay Pro.

Thank you for your patience.

Lukas E.

when i connect the mixer is greyed out… the two players do connect (xdjrx)

Hi Lukas,

good news. Do you have more info regarding the functionality…
I’m not able to use the display while connect my mac to my XDJ-RX…Is this possible?