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Hi Algorithm!

I have a feature request:

I am DJing as an online radio DJ. I am currently working with Traktor and Traktor Kontrol S2 MKII and BUTT as streaming software. I would like to try DJ Pro, but as now it is not possible to route the Audio from DJ Pro to BUTT to stream it to my online radio without additional hardware. It would be much easier with another audio output.

I would like to request an additional “recording out” audio output from DJ Pro as Traktor has (see image). This output should just mirror the “Main out”.

I will try to explain why this is the only solution to a lot of problems. But it gets really deep into audio routing in MacOS. If you want to skip on the details just add an recording out and make a lot of people happy, but if you want to know why, here it is:

You need to understand Aggregate devices and Multi Output devices in macOSs. See this post for more information:
Here is the short answer:
An Aggregate device is a virtual interface which bundles all channels of the sup interfaces into one big device as this:

Physical Device A
|— Out 1
|— Out 2
|— In 1
|— In 2

Physical Device B
|— Out 1
|— Out 2

Aggregate Device (Physical Device A + Physical Device B)
|— Out 1
|— Out 2
|— Out 3
|— Out 4
|— In 1
|— In 2

And a Multi Output Device is a virtual interface which mirrors the signal on all outputs of the sub devices:

Physical Device A
|— Out 1
|— Out 2
|— In 1
|— In 2

Physical Device B
|— Out 1
|— Out 2

Multi Output Device (Physical Device A + Physical Device B) (max. 2 Outputs)
|— Out 1A
'-- Out 1B
|— Out 2A
'-- Out 2B
|— In 1
|— In 2

The problem is, that DJ Pro creates an aggregate audio device automatically as I try to configure 2 different audio devices as output. But as I try to route my audio as shown in below image:

It is not possible to have an multi output device inside another aggregate device, that uses the same hardware interface. This is logical because you can’t recursively use the same hardware in more aggregate devices.

I would like to route DJ Pros Main out to Traktors master out and Soundflowers in. DJ Pros Cue out should go to Traktors Cue out. And BUTT receives the signal from the Soundlower out. I am creating an multi output device combining Soundflower and Traktor in MacOSs MIDI Audio Setup. Then I set the multi output device as DJ Pros Main output device. I set the DJ Pros Cue output to Traktor Cue. As I click Apply DJ Pro creates another aggregate device with my multi output device AND another instance of Traktor in it.

So the routing looks sth like this:
AggregateDevice(Traktor, MultiOutputDevice(Soundflower, Traktor))
And this doesn’t work. The only solution is to use hardware routing or to add another record out to DJ Pro like this:

Please show this to one of your programmers, he will understand. It took me quite a while to figure all of this out. I searched the forums for a solution but found none. I found a lot of threads with issues related to this. They could all be solved with this feature.

Please just add another recording output which mirrors the Main output. It really isn’t a big thing and helps so many people with your software.

He dj Rex, how did you end up solving this problem? 
I want to be able to use Djay Pro and stream as well with cueing and seem to be running into the same issue you mention here

Hi Rene

Thanks for contacting the Algorridim Support Team. We are always happy to help.

You can create an internal inter app rerouting with apps like Loopback and stream with djay and Butt as before. 

For this scenario we generally recommend a specific App called Audio Hijack. Follow these steps to get your Broadcast going.

  1. Download and install the App from the official webpage here.
  2. Open Audio Hijack and select “New Session”
  3. Select “New Blank Session”
  4. To the right hand side, under “Sources” drag and drop “Application” to the screen panel.
  5. Click on that icon and select “Djay Pro 2” as your Audio Source App. Make sure you have it ON.
  6. Now, under “Outputs” select Broadcast drag and drop it to the panel. Make sure to input the correct Data, Server address, Port etc. of your Broadcast Server.
  7. If you’d like to record your Broadcast also drop a “Recorder” in your panel.
  8. In order to hear the Music you’d have to also add an “Output Device” to your panel. You can find these two last elements under “Outputs”.
  9. Now your Audio Hijack window should look like the attached screenshot.
  10. Now open Djay Pro 2 and go to settings (by pressing CMD + “,”) and then to Devices. Select Built-in Output as your Main Output.
    Happy to hear from you and what you think.


Lukas E.

Thank you for your reply.

Sadly Audio Hijack is 71$ and Loopback is even 118$.
I don’t want to pay so much money for an audio routing software. That’s more than Djay Pro 2 costs xD. On Windows there is a very nice free program called Voicemeeter Banana, but it’s not available for mac sadly.

It would be much easier with a simple additional rec out.

Jennifer from your support team send me an email saying she will pass the idea to your dev team. I hope they decide to implement the feature :slight_smile:

I didn’t.

I had a conversation with Jennifer from the support team who was very nice and forwarded the feature request. But sadly the team decided on not implementing it :frowning:

I wasn’t able to solve the issue on my own and I didn’t want to spend money on Audio Hijack or Loopback. 

I keep using NI Traktor, which seems to be way more “Pro” that this software…

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