Add second comment column like Traktor.

Please add second comment column in library browser like Traktor.
The second comment is very useful for organizing ideas and managing my library, and is an essential feature for my use of Traktor.

I used the first comment is to write permanent and detailed information about the song, such as the mood of the song, while the second comment to write temporary information, such as which part of the show I would like to play that song, or notes that will help organize and search the library.

I have been using Traktor for over 15 years and have written a lot of information in Comment 1 and Comment 2.
(I don’t remember when second comments were implemented in Traktor.)
The loss of that information would be a major impediment to my transition from Traktor to djay.
Probably Traktor’s second comments are written in Traktor’s own library files, not in song meta tags, and it would be desirable to be able to import that data directly into djay, if possible.
However, even if import from external sources is not possible, the addition of a second comment feature would be beneficial enough.

I really like djay’s advanced mix-related features and enjoy DJing with them so much that I would definitely switch to djay.
However, djay’s song selection support features, such as library management and searching, are poor compared to Traktor’s.
I am a DJ who emphasizes song selection first and foremost, rather than the technical aspects of mixing, so I strongly urge more library-related features.

Note that color tags and ratings cannot be substituted for comment text because they cannot be searched for.

Thanks again for another Library enhancement suggestion @discocactus. Forwarded to the the team for review. In the meantime, please use the blue Vote button at the top left of this page so we can gauge user demand for these suggestions. Thanks!

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