Add System Time and Ability to Disable Hotkeys

I love the software, just some minor things that need to be tweaked to bring it up to a level of live use. One of which is that the system time should be displayed somewhere in the interface so when we go into fullscreen mode we can see the time. Another thing is to have an option to customize/disable the hotkeys. It’s too easy to accidentally play/pause a deck when typing in the search bar, especially when there’s a lot of movement and you’re trying to type quickly.

Additionally, I love the new video interface, but there should be an option to use an external audio source as the audio for the visualizers.

Definitely some potential in Djay Pro!


Thank you very much for your feedback, Evan!

About the External Audio: You’re still able to connect a sound card to get your Audio played via an external device. If you’re talking about an external screen for the visualizers, this is already implemented. Therefore, select the arrow icon at the upper right corner of the middle screen.