Add tags, ratings, comments and ability to edit playlists for Soundcloud tracks

Thanks for a brilliant application! I’ve been using Djay Pro 2 for a while now.

The main reason to choose a specific DJ software is for many users how the functionality supports a specific workflow - both for organizing while preparing sets, and also during performance.

Djay Pro 2 has an awesome feature that few (no?) other DJ apps support: It shows Key and BPM of tracks when scrolling playlists and searching Soundcloud. This significantly improves both preparing sets and during performance. For Serato and Traktor for instance, this functionality is missing (you only get Title, Artist and length of track, for all tracks that have not been analyzed).

However, both Traktor and Serato has some organizing features that Djay Pro is lacking, outlined below. Adding this would certainly make Djay Pro a killer app for many users.

  1. Add the option to edit and view a Comment (note) for any track, including streaming tracks
  2. Add the option to edit Tags for any track. The tags could then be used to filter and sort tracks.
  3. Add the option to edit Rating for track. The rating would be 1-5 stars. The rating could then be used to filter and sort tracks.
  4. Add the option to create and edit playlists in Soundcloud from within the Djay Pro app. This includes the important feature to add a track to a playlist from the Souncloud search dialogue.

Do you have any plans for developing these features?


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Any updates on this topic please?

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Any word on these features? They would be really useful and should be relatively easy to implement.

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I just canceled my subscription because this is missing. It is crucial for a DJ to tag and rate their library!


Hi @Jontax,

Thank you very much for the suggestions!

While I cannot speak on if or when these features might be implemented into djay I can say that the dev team has been working on some very neat additions to djay Pro AI that I believe users such as those of you in this thread will really appreciate.

I will update this thread as I hear back from our dev team with any new information. Have a nice day!

Please tell the developers have to implement THIS feature.
It´s not complicated to have some extra meta data saved for each track! (Developer here!)
The app is good - but THIS IS REALLY MISSING !!!

Comments, Rating and a key to add a track quickly to a “prepare” or other playlist.

Oh please make this top priority. It’s so important to be able to save notes for songs in the program rather than having to switch over to Excel while I’m DJing. Seriously. Come on

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+1 Give us tags please! A system like Rekordbox would be nice!

Hi Dude, do you have news? We wait for you.

Can we please get this funcionallity, it seems so basic yet it’s been 2 years in the works :frowning:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your continued interest in implementing this feature into djay.

While we, unfortunately, do not have any new updates regarding this request - we will make sure to pass this along to our dev team for continued review.

Have a nice day!

I agree with the requests. this program must have this option. it is essential to be able to apply the rating to the songs directly from the browser of the program. please make it possible


Replying to keep this thread alive… it’s sad that people have been requesting this on threads as far back as 2013… I feel like this is such a basic feature request and is standard in most DJ software… I hope this is implemented one day cause I’m trying really hard not to switch to serato or rekord box. The aesthetic to djay pro is just way more pleasing.


i agree … + 100 . this thing is important. only missing in serato and djay pro. but we all know that evening is a bad schedule. i hope djay pro adds this possibility

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Any news on this one, guys?? It’s been requested for YEARS, now.

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I hope DJP v5.0 release soon with this and new features as we lot of ideas we shared instead new video transition.

Any updates on these basic features? Will we see them in the next update? Basic 5 star ratings at minimum would be appreciated, but tags and genre editing are pretty essential to putting together great sets on the fly. Unfortunately I have to stick with Mixxx until Djay library management gets an update. Pleeeeeease. :pleading_face:

I hope they’re listen…

So… just checked 5.0 on my iPad and it seems this is still missing. Anyone know if it’s available on a MacBook? The updates on the 5.0 are incredible, they seem so much more complicated than this…

Metadata editing was not added to the iOS version unfortunately.