Add the full quantization of the song and also a metronome.

Good morning to all of you.
Is there any hope that these two functions will be implemented in future updates? The complete quantization of the song and also a metronome. I have updated to the latest Djay Pro 2 version for OSX but I noticed that these two requests have not been implemented.

Perhaps you have not included them because you consider them not useful?

Thanks in advance for all your answers on this matter.

Hi @Sergio1,

Thank you for getting in touch.

What are you referring to by the full quantisation of one track? Could you specify this request a bit more?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Maybe I was wrong.

Used to using Rekordbox by putting Hot Cues on a song, I can pass in the various points of the song without hearing a difference. It’s like it’s a remix. Putting the Cue Points on Djay Pro 2 jumping from one Cue Point to another I feel the passage.

Hasn’t a metronome been added?

It would be useful for me at least.

I have always had Djay from the first versions released and also Rekordbox to make me USB sticks and then use them on CDJs.

I have always liked Djay graphically very much for its simplicity and also for its reliability.

What is needed is pretty much this:

When setting Cue points, we need them snapped to the grid (quantized). That should be an On/Off behavior with MIDI control and a screen/menu option. “Snap” mode sounds good (and familiar) for this.

The another option would be to have a playback mode without Quantize - e.g. to allow finger drumming with instant triggering, w/o the quantization. This would be Quantize On/Off, again with ability to set it through MIDI command and a screen/menu option.

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