“Add To Playlist”

For some reason I seem to be missing the option the “add to playlist”. For my songs I have in iTunes/Music on MacBook Pro.

I have the “add to playlist” option for Tidal songs but not my ripped music stored on my hard drive.

Is it possible to add the songs to a playlist I created in the my collection tab?

Hi @Brandon_Akins, that’s very weird. Are you running the latest version of djay Pro AI on your Mac? Also, what macOS version are you using?

I was using the latest version and Ventura.

Out of frustration I uninstalled and reinstalled Djay, and also upgraded Mac OS to latest but problem still remains.

Hi @Brandon_Akins, this is very odd. I’ve shared this with the dev team to see if they have any suggestions. I’ll report back when I have more info.

Ok thank you so much! In the meantime I am able to “open via finder” in iTunes and then manually drop the file to a playlist in Djay from finder.


  1. I have checked with the engineering team and they have confirmed that “Add to Playlist” is only supported for streaming services. This is not supported for the Music/iTunes source as this is locked by Apple.
  2. Also, please note that “Add to Playlist” only allows adding to a playlist within the same source - you cannot use this to add add songs from say Beatport or Tidal to the My Collection source.
  3. If you would like to add songs to a playlist in My Collection you need to use the Split Library Mode and drag and drop the files from the music source into the My Collection Playlist (see below).

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