Add to queue crash - djay 2.8.4 (iPad Air iOS 9.3.5)

This is a rare scenario where a track is playing and one is scanning playlists for the next track and adding various tracks to the queue using a swipe right to queue a track. This then causes a crash.

This bug first happened earlier this year and unfortunately at a large gig on Saturday. There were a good 15-20 tracks in the queue already.

Obviously this is an essential feature used all the time which one does not want to crash. Have submitted crash report to support.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? please advise any more details needed.


Was the bug discovered / reproduced?
Has it affected anyone else?

When you receive a crash report does that provide all the info to debug. An issue? Also what about enabling more debug logging to help determine appplication state before a crash?

Hi, Could you comment on my request above regarding debugging?
e.g: you could have a debug option that could be turned on by a user if they experience crashes, which would provide additional feedback to you, making it easier to trace & fix problems.
please advise

Hey Alex,

from our side, we are investigating the issue but were not able to reproduce it so far.
Would be great if there are other affected users which can share their experiences with the issue.

Lukas E.