Add tracks from Tidal Match to create a new playlist

We need add tracks directly from Tidal Match to our playlist it’s a good tool for discover new music.


Do you mean create a playlist in the TIDAL collection, or djay library?

Hi DanM. I appreciate the interest. in the past when I play Spotify tracks used Mach there was the option to add song to the spotyfy list within the djay application.its a great solution wen i discover new suggestions tunes. Now with Tidal when push the right button on mouse only let my 2 options. add to favorites or see on the Tidal outside of Djay pro 2 in Mac.
Thanks in advance.

We’re working to try and bring as many features from Spotify streaming to the other services.

any news about that?


i add my vote to this one : we need to be able to add a Tidal (or Beatport) track to any Djay playlist
apparently this works with the iPad version of Djay but not with the MacOS version !!!
could you help us please ?

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