Add video mode to djay for Windows

What an absolute disappointment. When I bought the product Djay Pro 2 I guess it was a bad assumption that the product with said name was the same across every platform. The description should absolutely make it clear that it does not support video playback like it does on apples platforms.

Since I can’t get a refund, I guess my one star review on the Microsoft store will reflect accordingly.

Hi @h2a,

Thanks for sharing your experience here, and sorry to hear about your disappointment to find no video mode on djay Pro for Windows.

Please note that while we’re aiming for future parity, the djay apps on different platforms (e.g., Windows, iOS) are developed individually and therefore offer different features. We aim to be transparent about what’s offered in each version of djay on our website, where you can take a look at the different djay versions and what they offer: DJ Apps | Algoriddim.

If you’d like to request a refund, please do so directly via the Microsoft Store, as they handle all sales and payment-related issues.

And lastly, I’ll add your feedback to our internal request list to add video mode to djay for Windows, and keep this thread updated with any developments. If others would like to see this as well, please add your comments and/or votes to this thread.