Add Waveform Display to Video Mode - Portrait Orientation on iPad

Loving todays update… Just two little tweaks I would like to suggest for the iPadOS version.

  1. Waveforms on Video Screen in Portrait mode… In landscape you can swap out the mixer section for waveforms, in vertical/portrait mode you cannot. I prefer Portrait mode except for this one flaw.
  2. Bring the new 4 deck view from MacOS version to the iPad. With the decks played out like


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Steve I feel not clear what you really want.

When you turn the iPad vertical with the video skin. There is no way to get your beatgrids. In horizontal view you can click the waveform button under the mixer to see your waveforms for mixing.

The 4 deck view on iPad only allows for the 4 decks to sit straight across…
The Mac version allows for
With the waveforms between the 4 decks

yes I got it, agree, it seem they took it out that.

Thanks for the suggestion @Stevie_Ray. I have adjusted the title to make it more descriptive and have shared this with the dev team for further consideration.

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