Addendum to ... prior topic...songs loading too slowly, songs loading half-way or songs not loading at all

Relative to an earlier post complaining about songs not loading completely in DJ pro a. I here is an example per picture of what I’m talking about.

Songs wont load completely… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I figured it out…the issue only happens when loading songs from TIDAL…****IF THE SETTING WITHIN DJAY PRO AI IS ON (HI-FI…the system states That you must be subscribed to High-Fi Plus…which I am…but) … the songs will take an eternity to load, not fully load, or not load at all. The setting must be on Normal (recommend) or High … then song load right away!!! Hope this helps someone like me who has had a nightmare regarding this problem…Algoriddim should try and get Hi-Fi Plus fixed so that DJ Pro AI can make investing in a Hi-Fi Plus TIDAL Subscription worth the $19.99 per month

The problem is that the MASTER encoding of HiFi Plus is a different format than HiFi.

TL;DR- The Master quality tracks on Tidal are MQA encoded, and need a special process to change the digital bitstream to analog.
For this issue to disappear (in djay), I’m speculating that you’ll need an MQA-approved audio interface.

Tidal has been watching -

but all this makes me laugh, because MQA is what Sony (IIRC) had working for recording back when CDs were the new thing; They called it Direct Stream Digital (DSD)

and it was made for streaming before Napster was a thing, never mind Spotify/Tidal etc.

Modern computers (and I include mobile devices in that) and the distribution network (be it internet at home or mobile) have more than enough processing power to bring studio-quality (lossless) audio to the end user. This “proprietary” hipster elitist agenda for profit is a throwback whose time has long since passed, and we, as professionals and music lovers, should be making more of an issue than we are over this.

DM me and I’ll tell you how I REALLY feel lol :wink:

You went deep man. Thanks

not “went”: have been. (Thank you for noticing)
my education is in audio recording. I had to be at the cutting edge of technology when I owned and ran a recording studio, and when I learned of this 15+ yrs ago it just made sense to me but it wasnt easily accessible to everyone because the internet wasn’t there yet, and the technology was still too un-obtainable from a cost perspective. both of those things have changed, but people are still llistening to ear-frying MP3s on horrible earbuds. It won’t be too much longer now until the effects start impacting society and this gets re-evaluated and (finally) implemented.

Another precise example of Algoriddim not treating the information clearly with their subscribers.
If the option to toggle hi-fi IS IN the setting menus, (library section) it SHOULD work.

as I said, I’d wager heavily that it does, provided you have an audio interface that is MQA-certified.
I’m just assuming that loading/playback stops because a metadata flag gets seen somewhere.
I’m not entirely clear on it, and I’d not wait for anyone from algoriddim to give us the nuts and bolts nitty-gritty of this because it’s probably proprietary…but the question to REALLY ask is why can people who have HiFiPlus from Tidal play Master Quality Audio in their app, but subscribers of algoriddim’s djay can’t?
There’s gotta be a coding tweak or metadata flag or something like that that algoriddim devs must integrate or must avoid in the agreement with Tidal to keep everybody cool with the MQA Alliance.
That make sense? (First, kill all the lawyers…? -G. Orwell, I think…nope: Bill Shakespeare)

Agreed…why can’t we…it’s annoying.

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