Adding a DJ Controller with a Tascam Mixcast4 Mixer

Hi everyone. Maybe someone here could give me a hand? I have a radio program and I am using an iMac with a USB Tuscan Miscast 4. I would also like to have a controller attached rather than using my mouse or keyboard to control start/stop, etc.

Any idea how I would do that?


Tascam Mixcast 4

Plug in a controller.

Hi @BLove, I’m not familiar with the TASCAM Mixcast 4, but having a quick look at the website, it looks like you could simply connect a DJ MIDI controller to your iMac via USB then the audio outputs from your controller to the audio inputs of the Mixcast 4. Or perhaps you can just connect them both via USB to your iMac and choose which audio interface you want to use. Either way, it should be pretty straight forward.

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