Adding songs to a Spotify playlist but not showing on Djay Pro 2

I have a playlist loaded on Djay pro 2 from my spotify account.

I have added some songs to it today on spotfiy but they are not showing up inside Djay pro 2.

I would like to know how to solve this. Is there anyway of auto refreshing a playlist from Spotify?

it would be great if the playlists used can be dynamic and change based on what people want to hear, requests, change of mood etc.

anyway to resolve this?

Its a great app but it would be great if this was solved

Ok so I found the refresh library button from the library tab or by a shortcut

is there anyway to automate this?

also is there anyway to automatically add these to the automix feature?

thanks for the reply David.

It would be nice to have a button somewhere in the app, like next to the playlist name or something to refresh it.

Thanks, again it would be nice if songs added to a playlist on spotify, thats the source of the automix, would update in real time as well

Thanks David!

Currently there is no way to automate the refresh while both apps are running, so it’s best you do it manually as you did after you made changes through the Spotify app.

As for Automix, do you mean how to add newly added tracks to a running Automix playlist? If so, you can drag and drop songs onto the Automix list that shows up when you hit the Automix label at the bottom center of the screen.

Ah I see what you mean, thanks for clarifying. Currently we don’t touch the Automix list, once Automix has started, but I’ll pass that on to the team.