Adding Visuals to Songs without video

Is there a feature to add a visual from the library to songs that have no video

If you play a song without a video in video mode then it will automatically add a visual effect if that’s what you need?

Hi @DJ_Bigmark,

Yes, you can absolutely add visuals to songs that have no video in djay Pro AI for Mac. You can choose whether you want to use the Visualizers included in djay, or if you’d like to show your own photos. You’ll find these options available per deck in Video Mode here:

For more details about the options available in Video Mode, please see page 68 of our full user manual here:

When will we get some visualisations that are beat synced to the music?

Microsoft managed this in the 90s with Windows Media Player and the computing power available then was nowhere as advanced as it is now.

Shouldn’t be too hard to implement given the amount of processing power we now have?