Additional Columns in Search Mode and Queue area

It happened last night at a corporate event. I found a song in search and played the wrong version. Please add additional columns in search mode and queue area.

This is very important to be able to locate the specific track you are looking for.

You may have misunderstood… I only need to see more columns to verify the version. It was MY fault for playing the wrong track but if I had more information available, that would not have happened.

I know a few people have requested more columns for Queue and Search areas.


I found an AMAZING alternative for seeing more columns when searching.

Select the “Music” playlist, which includes all of the tracks, then do a search within the playlist. The search then comes up with all columns viewed!

FANTASTIC!!! I would still like to see more columns when searching “iTunes” but this will certainly work for now… GREAT JOB!!!

That shouldn’t happen. Rest assured, we’ll be looking into this, Scott.