Additional keyboard DEDICATED to DJay Pro app - Prevents loss of focus.

This may be an Apple question not sure. But I would like to have the additional keyboard added to my MAC such that is is only associated with DJay Pro. Essentially dedicating this keyboard to that app just like you would a controller. This keyboard will not loose focus if mouse goes elsewhere. The existing keyboard would continue to function as a the system keyboard.

I am talking about a computer keyboard not a midi keyboard. Does that change your answer?

would this preclude me from using my numark controller? In other words if I us a pc keyboard as a midi controller to give me the buttons I want, does that mean my existing controller can’t also be configure?

given up using a pc keyboard as the “other” controller. I have ordered a reloop neon. It basically has the features of the beatpad 2 that I do not already have on my numark controller. I am hoping that these controllers can co-exist peacefully. I think you are telling me it “should” work. Thanks

Hi there,

thank you for your mail.
You can set up your keyboard as midi controller by third party software.
Thank you in advance.


Your problem is, you need to change the identification key of the additional computer keyboard so it is identified as a midi device. If you connect a keyboard to your Mac it will be recognised as a keyboard, not as midi mappable controller.

Hi Daniel,

this is a bit theoretical but no, you can connect more than one midi controller to djay Pro, each mapping while be treated separately by the program.