Additional Xone K2

This one’s for my peeps.

How to add an additional Xone K2 to an existing Xone PX5 and Xone K2 setup. Help.

Tried different midi channels and all sorts. Just keeps picking up the same midi map settings of the original K2.
USB or Xlink configuration ?

Emailed algoriddim over a week ago no reply.

Just wanna play 4 channels.

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Better you if ask directly Allen&Heath. I have use X96, but not K2. Here is an official links for better understanding. I hope this help.

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I have 2 Xone K2s, and when they are set to different midi channels they don’t interfere with each other. It doesn’t matter if you connect them via separate usb cables, or 1 usb and xlink.

Double check which midi channel each is set to

Yes my man. Sorted it last night. Just changed the midi channel on the new K2. Thanks for your reply.

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