Adjustable Play Head Position in 2 & 4 Deck Mode

Can you please add a Play Head / Play Marker position adjustment to the settings? Traktor Pro has this feature which allows you to move the red play head marker left of center so that you can see more of the upcoming waveform (see attached). With the changes made to DJ Pro when it went to subscription, you can only see about 4 beats ahead of your play position when at default zoom levels. I’m more interested in the beats ahead of my position than behind.
Alternatively, or in addition, could you make it possible to hide the rotating decks and tempo faders so we can see more of the waveform without adjusting the zoom level (see attached)? Thanks! Please keep up the excellent work! I’m super impressed with how far this software has come over the years.

Hi Slak,

Thank you for this feature request.

I added a setting to adjust the Play Head Position to our user request list.

Thank you for sharing.

Lukas E.