Adjustable resonance

It would be great if the resonance were adjustable, maybe between just two settings like on the Allen and Heath mixers. The filter as is sounds good but has a lot of resonance, which is good for special effects but not useful for smooth mixing with the filter - it’s too obvious when you are sweeping it.

Adding a resonance control in preferences would allow users to pick their preferred style, without needing to worry about additional UI elements to adjust it on the fly or to select any possible value - I believe the majority of users would be satisfied with either low resonance for smooth mixing or high resonance for effect style usage, and are unlikely to want to change it from their preference.

Would really love this feature as it’s the one thing that I don’t enjoy about mixing with Djay. Otherwise the app is amazing on both iOS and Mac and I’m havjng great fun with my DDJ-RX and it!