Adjusting tempo after transition to another track

Hi there,

When testing with Djay pro 5 I noticed something annoying with the pitch control.
I’m using a Numark NS6II by the way.

When using sync for a transition I used sync. The song I mix are no more than 3 BPM apart. After the transition I want to slide the pitch control to go smoothly to the original BPM. I sometimes use this technique to work from a slow BPM to a faster BPM.
Now the pitch slider does not respond when moving is slowly. It only reacts when moving is fast up or down.
When loading the first track the pitch slider reacts just fine.

With Serato this was no problem working like this. Is it an issue between Djay and the NS6II or is it a setting I am missing?

Thank you.

Hi @DiscoPat, I believe what you are experiencing is normal behavior when using sync and connected hardware.

  1. djay uses something called soft takeover to prevent large tempo jumps when the software/UI Tempo Fader is in a different position than the hardware. Like when using sync.
  2. Your hardware Tempo Fader needs to be moved to the position that matches the Tempo Fader on screen before it will take effect.

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,

Thanks for your reply but I don’t understand something completely.
It should be possible to adjust the speed of the playing music gradually. I’ve been doing it since my vinyl time. At the beginning of the set with tracks start with a slightly lower BPM and then towards the climax unnoticed increase the tempo bit by bit.

Do you know a way how I can get that done in Djay?

I’m very happy with the sync options in Djay because I play a lot of old Disco with unstable tempos. At the moment I’m in the test phase with Djay to see if I switch from Serato.

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@DiscoPat here’s a YouTube video that I found explaining soft takeover:

Hi @Slak_Jaw ,

I never ran into soft take over with R ekord box or Serato but I totaly understand now what it is. In Serato I use simple sync because this suits my style of DJ’ing. I never realized that smart take over was the issue why I didn’t like smart sync.
The youtube link made it all clear to me.
I will test it as soon as possible.

Thank you very much :+1:

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You’re welcome @DiscoPat. Glad that helped!

Hi @Slak_Jaw

I just tested it and now I understand it. Already I found out how it will suits me best. I turned of sync for loading a new track. Then I set the pitch of the new track to the tempo of the playing track. Now I prees sync. When the transition is done and I wish to adjust the new track to its own tempo I can slowly slide the pitch.

I totally forgot but this is what I did many years ago when first using sync with a controller. Shame on me :innocent:

Thanks again for pointing me to the right direction.

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That’s great news @DiscoPat. Happy to help and glad you got it all sorted out.

I have a related question: When doing a tempo soft takeover, there used to be a ghosted or faded indicator to show me where my tempo is in on my DJ controller fader compared to what the tempo is in djay Pro. When that ghosted / faded indicator hit the actual tempo the ghosted / faded indicator went away. In djay Pro 5, that ghosted / faded indicator is gone when doing a soft take
over. How do I get it back?