Advanced Track Grid Editing

I re-read a bunch of topics from past years, where users asked to add advanced options for editing track grids

I propose to introduce 2 new functions:

  1. Grid Stretch
    We set the beginning of the grid and check that it matches until the end of the track. If it does not match, stretch and check the result

In most cases, if the BPM is static, this will help correct the situation

  1. Multiple grid start points
    If simply stretching the grid did not work, then you can set several points from where the grid will begin

The method is relevant for old school music (disco / funk / soul)

P.S. It would also be nice to make it so that the countdown of Bars always starts from the place where the Grid begins

  • This is an important feature :white_check_mark:
  • Leave everything as it is, please :x:

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I believe that in an application that has the word “pro”, this functionality is simply necessary
Have a nice day!


Unfortunately, this function has been requested for a long time for people like me who also offer 70s music.

Graphically I like this software very much. Maybe it is also the most beautiful of all the software out there. But it has too important flaws.

I have been using Rekordbox professionally for many years so I have a good benchmark.

If ‘Djay Pro AI had a library management similar to Rekordbox and’ the function of varying the grid as you say and ‘this Rekordbox has been doing it for some time would have much more chance’ to be taken into consideration as main software. If there is also the possibility of making a USB key to use with CDJ players and various controllers it would be like the icing on the cake. Maybe I’m asking too much?

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I found a hack that helps fix broken grids at the beginning and end of tracks:

:arrow_forward: Watch this

I have not found a workable solution yet. Sometimes some fixes seem to work but then it turns out they don’t always work. Also, I am discouraged to put work in that will disappear when I change devices. We need advanced grid editing and we need iCloud sync for our beat grids.

The most convenient option would be to store all metadata (grids, hot cues, loops) in audio file tags

Hope it happens one day :pray:t4:

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