Advice needed re audio interface and iPad adapter for DVS with Phase and possibly external MIDI controller too

Calling to you right upfront @Slak_Jaw as I know you’re the person with best knowledge around this kinda stuff :slight_smile:

Apologies in advance, I know this is a tricky set of questions, please just fill in whatever blanks you can

I have got things working well on Windows (thanks again for the help with that) I’m loving the djay Pro experience, so much that I’ve just invested in a 256GB 9th gen iPad as a dedicated device to use with it from here on, which should turn up this week. While the Windows version is great, my Dell laptop has thermal issues and you’re prioritising iOS as your main platform anyway so I’m committing to that.

I still play a lot of vinyl and use Phase so I can keep the 1210s as my primary controllers. (Btw your implementation of DVS pitch control adjustment is so much better than anyone else’s in this area, with that alongside fluid beatgrids you’re just miles ahead of any other software for this style.)

At home I have a Rane MP2012 and I’m assuming with the iPad that I would need nothing more than an Apple USB-C Camera Adapter to hook up to it. For playing out I have a Reloop Flux which I see from another thread is not officially supported but should work.

That’s the background, here’s my questions:

  1. This page says “djay supports any audio interface, mixer, and MIDI controller that is supported on the respective platform” and the Flux is class compliant, so will the issues with the Flux be addressed?
  2. Failing that, is there a supported audio interface I can use instead of the Flux, for similar cost, that allows the same easy switching between vinyl and DVS?
  3. I’d like to have a mapped controller for fx and loop triggering while still using Phase+DVS via MP2015 and Flux or its replacement, is this possible and do I need something with more ports than the Camera Adapter to hook it all up if so? I’m looking at the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter as a possibility here, but don’t want to just order it blind if it’s not going to help.
  4. Can you suggest future-proof options for audio interface and adapters, so that when (if?) HID support for Phase comes along, everything will still work? ((That will require at least one more USB connection to the iPad)

Sorry I realise this is probably not possible to answer every part of this, please just fill in what you can. I can always order the basic camera adapter to get going and change it out later but if there’s a better way to go then it would help me to know about it.



Hi @mikeb187, I’ll do my best here…

  1. I’m not a DVS user so this is a bit outside my personal area of expertise.
  2. Please note that Phase is not officially supported by djay, so please reach out to the Phase support team with any Phase specific questions.
  3. First, make sure you use a Genuine Apple Camera Adapter with the Lightning charging socket so you can charge your iPad during use: Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - Apple (CA)
  4. The Flux is not currently supported and has some latency issues. The dev team is looking into this, but we do not have any official news regarding adding support for this hardware.
  5. I’ll need to ask the dev team if they can recommend a DVS audio interface, but perhaps some other DVS users will chime in as well…
  6. Regarding multiple USB ports, I would actually strongly recommend that you choose an iPad with a USB-C socket instead of one with a Lightning socket. This way you have a lot of choices for USB-C hubs (I have some personal recommendations). In my experience, connecting USB-A hubs to the Camera Adapter is not super reliable, adds complexity and additional points of failure in your setup.
  7. I don’t have any information to share about Phase or HID at this time.

I hope that helps!

Thanks @slak_jaw appreciate the info there. Please if you can get some info as to what DVS interfaces can work, or an ETA for the Flux fix (or confirmation that it is even possible) then that would be really helpful.

Shame I didn’t know about the USB-C thing before spending on the 9th gen iPad that has now arrived, not much I can do about it now so I’m just going to see how I go. I note your comment about using genuine Apple adapters so am going to be sure to do that.

Seems I misunderstood about the multiport adapter mentioned here as that’s for later devices that have a USB-C/Thunderbolt socket on the actual iPad or phone. That means the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter is the one and only thing to use with my 9th gen iPad, true? If there’s an option that gives me multiple ports then I’d prefer that, these gizmos are pretty spendy for what they are so want to get the right thing first time. Obvs I have the option of adding a USB-A hub but just wondering if there’s a multiport adapter that can be used directly.

I thought I’d seen something about Phase HID support coming at some stage but searching your site now I see a few threads requesting it but nothing from you or MWM saying support is on its way. A good thing to have down the line for sure but regular DVS works well enough for now and without an extra USB port available I couldn’t use HID mode anyway.

Hi @mikeb187,

I think your only option is to use a USB-A Hub with the genuine Apple Camera Adapter. There are some 3rd party Lightning adapters with dual USB sockets and some with other port options. However, in my experience, most of these are pretty unreliable. Maybe okay for “bedroom DJing”, but I wouldn’t want to rely on these during a gig. For the USB-A Hub route, make sure you select a high quality unit that has some kind of power input as well. Personally, if I were in your shoes, I’d try to return or resell the iPad and look for a used or refurbished model with USB-C. The camera adapter works great for simple setups with a single USB, but less so when you need to connect multiple devices.

Cash is tight right now but down the line I’ll look to upgrade to a later model iPad, seems the right way to go. For now I’ll use the 9th gen with the camera adapter and nothing else, hopefully that should be reliable enough, although with the current issues on the Flux that might be the weak link in the chain regardless of which adapter I use. Please share any info from the dev team on that side of things when you have it, re the fix or alternatives that will be solid.

Understood. Will do!