advice please: DDJ-FLX4 and stems

Hey all,

Newbie here. I’ve been using djay on my windows 10 laptop for a bit, now I’m ready to get a controller. I’ve been leaning towards the Reloop Buddy or DDJ-FLX4. (Other suggestions welcomed.) I want to make sure the DDJ-FLX4 has buttons midi mapped to stems/neural mix. Does it? Or can you customize it so that it does?

Thanks y’all!!
~Nasty Norman

Neither of those controllers have stems buttons mapped but they can be easily mapped, well at least the Reloop Buddy can be, I don’t have any experience with the FLX4…
You can however toggle EQ/Neural Mix which utilises the EQ knobs/Dials for Stems.
If you do go for the Buddy,
I have a map that takes care of your questions

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That’s no problem, you can configure it yourself. I have a button for the EQ/Neural Mix switch, as well as performance pads with Neural Mix features (drums/harmonics/vocals - on/off).

The controller itself is certainly a solid choice, you can’t go wrong with it. Nevertheless, there are other alternatives in this range. For example, I would prefer the DJControl Inpulse 500 from Hercules. It’s a bit bigger, but still very compact. In addition to more controls and an additional aux input, this controller also has colored performance pads. And finally, the Inpulse 500 is generally cheaper than the Flx4.

There are certainly other options, and ultimately it is of course an individual decision as to what you want and what you like best. Do some research and don’t buy a particular device or brand just because “everyone” is doing it.

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I started with a FLX4.
It’s ok but I didn’t find it as good and as user friendly as I had read so i bought a Buddy and I prefer it way more.
The coloured pads, looping dial and FX toggles make a big difference for me.
Also good is it is designed for the software so everything has a place.
There’s some buttons on the FLX4 which can’t be mapped so they end up redundant which I find a bit annoying.
The Flx4 is a bit more solid and feels better made but ultimately the Buddy wins on usability with Djay pro for me


Thanks y’all! Much appreciated


Dear Daniel, you left the Flx4 fot the Buddy. Mag I ask why not fit thé ready, please?

The Buddy is designed for Djay + I like the Ipad slot.
The ready is primarily a Serato controller with no Ipad slot